The 2017 Irish orienteering Championships consists of three events on three days:

  1. Middle DistanceSaturday April 29th, 2017
  2. Classic DistanceSunday April 30th, 2017
  3. Relay – Monday May 1st, 2017

Control Descriptions

Control descriptions in IOF format are printed on all maps.   For the Classic and Middle Distance events, control descriptions will also be published on this website before the event.
Loose control descriptions will not be available on the day.

SI Timing

All courses use SI timing with a punching start.  The download for all courses will be in the Assembly area.  All competitors must download regardless of whether they finish or not.  Results will be displayed in the Assembly Area. Any enquiries should be directed to the Event Team at the Assembly Area.

Hired SI cards may be collected at Registration in the assembly area. Lost or damaged cards may be charged at €30 each


Please read the event safety information carefully. In addition full leg  covering is recommended.

Assembly Area

Toilets will be available at the Assembly Area.  First Aid will be available at the Assembly Area.  Please inform any event official as soon as possible of a potential problem.

Shelter/Storage will be available at the Assembly Area.


Accompanied/shadowed juniors are not eligible for prizes, please declare them to be non-competitive.

Map Reclaim

Maps can be reclaimed each day after the last competitor has started.


Mobile phone coverage in the area is ??.  Please follow the country code and leave no trace principles.  Please bring all rubbish home with you – don’t leave it to the organisers to dispose of full rubbish bags.

All of these events will be run under the Irish & Northern Ireland Orienteering Associations’ various rules of competition, policies and guidelines as published here.

All of the IOC 2017 events will use SportIdent electronic timing.



The following have agreed to be on the Jury.

  • Angus Tyner (SET)
  • Colin Henderson (LVO)
  • Ruth Lynam (CNOC)

In case any of them are conflicted by being on a course where a protest has been raised, the following have agreed to be alternates.

  • Aonghus O’Cleirigh (AJAX)
  • John McCullough (3ROC)