Monday April 30th, 2017
Doire Iochtair, Oughterard, Co. Galway


For the forking nerds out there, Marcus, out relay planner, has provided the IOC 2017 Relay Forking diagram.  Enjoy.

The IOC 2017 Relay area, Doire Iochtair, was previously used for the junior courses of the IOC 2013 Classic race.  For the 2017 relay, the map has been extended to include the 2013 Middle Distance area, Cnoc Mhám na mBó.  All areas were mapped in 2012. The printed map is A4 in size at a scale of 1:10,000. The contour interval is 5 m.

mid2All courses take place mostly on open mountainside.  The open is generally very runnable with a wealth of rock and contour detail.


The terrain is moderately steep and courses will generally have less than 4% climb.

middleMap: ISOM standard, printed on waterproof paper
Map scale:   1:10,000 for all classes
Contour Interval: 5m

Survey and Cartography: Pat Healy of Map Masters, 2012
Basemap: Based on lidar survey by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

Parking & Bus Transfer

Parking will be at Glengowla Mines west of Oughterard. Participants will be transported by bus to the competition area. Buses will depart from 0900hrs.  Further details and timetable will be available closer to the event.

Team Formation

Relay team formation rules

Team Registration

Teams must be registered at the Motorhome on Sunday before 1600hrs.

Important:  Each runner will be allocated a SPORTident card.  You will receive this card at the start, with your map.   You must use this card.  You may not use your own.


Each team member must wear their bibs at all times during the relay. Please display them clearly on the outside of all of your clothing and do not cover it while running.

Lap Bib Colour
1 Green
2 White
3 Red


All courses will be mainly on open mountain terrain – if the weather is bad please remember to bring warm clothing. Please read the event safety statement carefully.

Mass start

All first lap runners must be at the call-up in the assembly area at 0945.  The first mass-start will be at 1000hrs. If you are late for your mass-start then you will be deemed to have started at 1000.

General Information

  • Toilets will be available near the Assembly area
  • A tent will be available for clothes storage in the Assembly area
  • Competitors must punch at the finish line and must then proceed to the down load station at the motorhome in the Assembly area.
  • There will be a mini-mass start at approximately 1200hrs, if necessary.
  • Courses close at 1300hrs.  All runners must finish before this time.
  • Map reclaim after all 3rd lap runners have started
  • Presentation of prizes will take place at approximately 1330hrs.


Planner: Marcus Geoghegan, AJAX
Controller: John McCullough, 3ROC

Course Information

All maps are 1:10,000 on A4 waterproof paper.